Thursday, November 3, 2011

Emotion Driven Clarity

I will be the first to tell you that my character flaw is my ability to hold it all in.  I avoid confrontation like the plague.  This is something I am slowly breaking away from. But none the less, I am severely passive aggressive.
All joking aside this is something I need to work on.

The reason I bring it us is because as a woman there are times where hormones hit us and you need to be careful where you're standing, what you're saying and the tone in which you said it.  My poor Jonathan fell victim of this this week.  (Jonathan is the man in my life).  There are things that get to me, just like everyone else.  However, those things can be brushed off in my world for weeks, months or even over a year in this case.  Needless to say, Jon got the butt-end of the deal.  Not only did he lose sleep one night as my fuming self refused to discuss said catastrophe, but he also received a very blunt and honest email the next day where he was lucky enough to sit on it for 11 hours at work before we would have a chance to hash it out.  This lead to another sleepless night.... sleepless but productive mind you. We did (as always have a wonderful communicative talk about how we don't communicate enough.) The best part is when this happens, we actually change things and work together to make it better.

Today I feel better. Tired. Very.very.very. Tired. But better. and I like that he gets to sleep in today.  As much as I hate my tendency to lean toward staying mum on my concerns, I like that it lead to a very good and loving evening with the man I love. A man that also bares the same fault.  Good thing is being committed to making something work allows two people to grow together. :)


Lisa Fender said...

Yes, strong communication is always the key to making a relationship work! I am glad you are figuring that out and learning to open up with what you are feeling. Festering is never good! Love u!!

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